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About Us

My Class Builder was launched in 2022 with the goal of supporting every parent who desires to take the lead in their children’s education.

Homeschooling, un-schooling or de-schooling… labelling isn’t necessary, or important. What is important to us is that those parents who feel called to teach their children have the means and materials to do so. It is possible to educate and care for your children in a way that feels right for your family. If this includes home study, we're here to help!


Our vision is to create a community website that is useful throughout your homeschool journey, whether you’re simply curious about the topic or have been teaching your children for years. My Class Builder is a forum for sharing experience and ideas; a community where everybody has something to offer. May this collection of information and fellowship enrich the precious time you spend with your children!

We recognize by seeking more information about homeschooling, you've committed to educating your children. You’ve stumbled upon our community for a reason, maybe just to hear these words of appreciation and be reminded that you are not alone!

Much gratitude and respect,

~Kristen, Judy and the My Class Builder community

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Content Disclaimer

My Class Builder offers information, resources and ideas from homeschoolers to support other homeschoolers. The website administrators do not endorse the views and programs listed and reserve the right to refuse comments and suggestions. Each homeschool family should carefully research any resource to be used and direct questions to the organizations and people responsible for the resource.

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