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Financial Aid and Funding Sources

Home Study Grants

The Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing ( offers a grant to families who have chosen home study as the best option to educate their child or children.  The family may already be homeschooling, or they may be fully committed to beginning homeschooling, understanding that they have the necessary time and ability to teach their children. They should be able to provide assurance of their overall financial viability while explaining a current or anticipated need.
VIHF donates to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) State Ambassador Fund and HSLDA distributes the grants.

Criteria for VIHF Grants

•    The family is committed to home study for one or more children
•    The family is ready to provide the time, energy, and resources to home-study
•    The family is providing for its financial needs but finds that temporary financial assistance is needed
•     The family has notified the Vermont Agency of Education of its intent to homeschool


Families should expect that from 30 to 60 days will elapse between the consideration of a grant and its receipt.


To be considered for a grant, please make a request using the contact page on this website or send an email directly to You will receive a follow-up email with a request to set up a telephone interview.

VIHF will then determine the eligibility of the family and the amount of the grant.

HSLDA will then contact the family. They will send a form and follow up to confirm the grant, review the requirements, and schedule the mailing of the check.

HSLDA's requirements include: 

•    A Family Interview Form will be completed and signed by the Family. It will be returned by email along with a copy of the State NOI (the acknowledgment of home study for each child).
•    The family can only receive one grant through HSLDA in a two-year period.
•    The Family must join HSLDA before a second grant can come through HSLDA.
•    HSLDA will only send grants for Curriculum needs or for basic household needs like heat or electricity.
•    The family must provide receipts for expenses covered by the grant to HSLDA.

Following the phone confirmation phone call with HSLDA the grant will be sent to the family.

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