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Finding Homeschool Materials

Finding materials on a budget

Given a little time and patience, there are many ways to gather the materials you need for much less than sticker price, and often for free. Here are some ideas for thrifty homeschool families.

Your local library

Not just a place to borrow books, there are often many other benefits attached to you library membership! These can include things like free passes to museums and events, free subscriptions to various online resources, audiobooks, movies, classes for kids and adults, and library events and activities. If your child has a documented learning disability, some libraries also offer subscriptions to audio-visual read-along books (text is displayed and highlighted as the audio is read aloud). Libraries can also offer a nice home away from home for families that are looking for a focused study space.

The “Not Back To School” Homeschool Family Picnic

At the start of the year, many counties in Vermont will hold a Not Back To School gathering to kick off the year. The announcement comes from the Vermont Department of Education Home Study Division via email (sign up for emails on the Agency of Education website!). This is an opportunity to connect with other families, and contribute to/benefit from the often generous collection of materials families bring to donate to the take-it-or-leave-it swap pile.

The State of Vermont Home Study Email Distribution Network

Among the myriad types of announcements sent out by the Department of Education, some emails come from families who are giving away or selling materials and supplies. If there is something you are in need of, you can also submit an email to the network for distribution.


Which also includes an “Absolutely Free” section!



For giving and receiving exclusively free items.

Front Porch Forum

Front Porch Forum is a free community-building service in Vermont and parts of New York. Your neighborhood's forum is only open to the people who live there.

Buying, Selling and Free Groups on Facebook

In addition to Facebook Marketplace, there are many localized buy/sell/trade groups. A sampling from Vermont is listed below:

  1. Sell, Trade, Swap, Buy Vermont

  2. Franklin County Vermont Yard Sale

  3. Northern New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine Sell Swap N Trade

  4. Vermont Free Page!!

  5. Everything Free In Vermont

Thrift stores


Vermont is fortunate to have a good number of second hand stores, both small town operations, and larger chains such as Goodwill and Restore Habitat for Humanity. Many churches also have their own thrift stores.

Need Help Purchasing Materials?

Check out our Financial Aid section!

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