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Connecting With Other Homeschool Families

My Class Builder's Weekly Zoom Meeting for Parents

Connect locally, ask homeschool related questions, laugh, cry or just listen in! Whether you're curious about homeschooling in Vermont, or have years of wisdom to share, we aim to make this virtual hangout a useful tool for all who join!

What is the purpose of this meeting?

  • The primary goals of this meeting are to meet individual homeschooling needs and to support each other throughout our journey. To accomplish this we encourage (and need!) homeschool newcomers and veterans to join in and share experience, strength and hope with each other. You may never know it, but your presence or participation could be the one thing that helps another family to take the homeschool leap of faith, or keeps them going on when they’re ready to throw in the towel.

What will the meeting be like?

  • Sessions will be gently guided by a host, with the content primarily driven by the specific needs of those in attendance. A typical meeting will likely start with a round-robin introduction, and an assessment of individual needs and wants; this will drive the topics covered during the session. Families who have skills, ideas or other offerings are encouraged to share their talents as well! Depending on the participants, we may share personal resources or experiences, engage in Q&A, offer suggestions or guidance, choose a speaker or focus topic, plan an in person meet-up, or just laugh heartily as we regale each other with tales from the never-boring saga of homeschool life! You’re also welcome to simply listen in and see what all the fun is about! There’s no requirement to share at length, we just ask that participants say hello so that we may welcome you.

Meeting guidelines:

  • Kinship is found in identifying our similarities, as opposed to focusing on our differences. In the spirit of unity, and in alignment with our primary goals, we ask that attendees refrain from discussing commonly polarizing topics in the general discussion (i.e. politics, covid/vaccines, religion or etc). However, as we recognize the great importance of these topics, we will make time for sharing contact information (optional, of course!) for all who wish to connect outside of the meeting.



  • Please reach out with any questions or concerns by emailing us at Thank you for taking the time to read about this event!

Sign me up!

  • There is no charge to attend, but a headcount is helpful for the meeting host. Find meeting dates and sign up here. <<I will update the link>>

Connecting Via Social Media

There are many Facebook Groups and Pages for homeschooling families, and related topics. A sampling from Vermont is listed below.


Vermont Homeschoolers & Unschoolers Unite

  • A place for Vermont parents to share helpful information & post questions about the journey that is Homeschooling & Unschooling in this great state of ours!

Vermont Moms

  • If you are a Mom in Vermont you are in the right place! This is a fun and supportive environment for all things VT mom! We will be hosting events, play dates, sharing advice, trip ideas, crafts, recipes, and more! You don’t need to be located in Chittenden county either!! We love all VT moms!

Northern VT Homeschooling Co-op

  • For Northern VT families who want to meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Where we can organize around academics, social time, the arts, activities, crafts, service work, or projects -- or any combination of these. This is a secular group.

Meetups For Vermont Homeschoolers

  • We are a group of homeschoolers, primarily in northwestern Vermont that came together to help support each other on our homeschool journey through connections, activities, meet-ups and shared educational information.

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