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Connecting With Other Homeschool Families

Connecting Via Social Media

There are many Facebook Groups and Pages for homeschooling families, and related topics. A sampling from Vermont is listed below.


Vermont Homeschoolers & Unschoolers Unite

  • A place for Vermont parents to share helpful information & post questions about the journey that is Homeschooling & Unschooling in this great state of ours!

Vermont Moms

  • If you are a Mom in Vermont you are in the right place! This is a fun and supportive environment for all things VT mom! We will be hosting events, play dates, sharing advice, trip ideas, crafts, recipes, and more! You don’t need to be located in Chittenden county either!! We love all VT moms!

Northern VT Homeschooling Co-op

  • For Northern VT families who want to meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Where we can organize around academics, social time, the arts, activities, crafts, service work, or projects -- or any combination of these. This is a secular group.

Meetups For Vermont Homeschoolers

  • We are a group of homeschoolers, primarily in northwestern Vermont that came together to help support each other on our homeschool journey through connections, activities, meet-ups and shared educational information.

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