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Sports & Movement

Finding Sports Programs for Homeschoolers


The Home School Legal Defense Fund (HSLDA) has a webpage that references statutes that apply to Homeschool students who wish to participate in their local school sports program (or classes or other extra-curricular activities!). If your child wants to participate in their school’s sports program, he or she may be able to do so. Please see the HSLDA information:


Students who do not wish to participate in their school athletics can find community sports programs online or through word of mouth. Talk to other homeschool parents about recreational teams or activities, look for community intramural sports, or meet other families on the playground for recreation. Most towns in Vermont have youth sports associations. For example, if you google Westminster, VT Youth Sports, you will find the website for Westminster Area Youth Sports Association.

Sports Programs in Vermont

The State of Vermont Agency of Education website, Home Study page says: Home study students are permitted to enroll at their local school for up to 2 of the 5 main courses (Math, Science, Reading and Writing, History/Civics/Government, and Literature), as well as electives, athletics, and extra-curricular activities, as space permits. Parents must collaborate with their local school to arrange enrollment and scheduling. See the full page at:


There are sports camps throughout Vermont for skiing, soccer, basketball, baseball, track, and other sports. One resource:

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